Anxiety Rx During Coronavirus 2.0 – Webinar

Anxiety Rx During Coronavirus 2.0 – Webinar

Simple Tools To Cope & Get Grounded


*This webinar was similar to the one offered on Mar 19. This updated version included the same basic material but with some new, relevant details relating to our continued circumstance of quarantine
*This live webinar was recorded in both audio & video formats
*To request captioning or a transcript of the video or audio recording, please contact us:

These are overwhelming times. We’re in a global crisis, and everyone is feeling it. There’s much we are not in control of. On one level, we’re not alone. On another level, many people feel anxious, scared, and alone. It can feel like there’s nowhere to turn. 

I’ve been supporting people to cope with anxiety and trauma for over a decade, and I want to share as much as I can to support you and provide resources. During this webinar, we’ll get right to the most potent techniques, tools, and approaches for dealing with shut-down and staying out of overwhelm. This is especially important for those who already struggled with anxiety prior to the current Coronavirus pandemic.

We covered topics like:

  • the basic physiology of stress and trauma
  • how we personally deal with stress (are you an “ON” person or an “OFF” person?)
  • somatic, body-based tools to settle and calm the nervous system
  • how we might be adding to our own overwhelm without even realizing it

You may also want to check-out my recent blog post on Coronavirus and steps to preventing overwhelm.


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