Anxiety Rx During Coronavirus: 7 Things to Do to Prevent Overwhelm

These are intense and unique times for so many of us. The Coronavirus pandemic is revealing the weaknesses of our healthcare system as well as the deep care and resilience …

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Trauma and Social Justice: Why We Can’t Talk About One Without Including the Other

For the past 15 years I have been training yoga teachers, clinicians and other direct service providers to be “trauma informed.” This starts with educating people on the impact of …

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Trauma Informed Yoga is People Informed Yoga

“Trauma Informed” and “Trauma Sensitive” yoga trainings are getting more and more popular these days as research is showing the benefits of yoga for those struggling with trauma symptoms. Yet …

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Freeing Yourself From the Prison of Anxiety

I used to think that happiness was about not having bad things happen to you. So I dedicated myself to figuring out how to avoid difficult experiences or uncomfortable feelings.  …

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Getting to the Root of it All

Any gardener knows that in order to get rid of weeds, you don’t just cut off the part that is sticking out of the soil, you must pull the root …

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Are We Ready to Really Live by Our Deepest Values?

A week ago I moderated a panel discussion on corporate responsibility and yogic values at Yoga Journal LIVE! NYC.  The panel included leadership from Lululemon Athletica (including the new CEO Laurent …

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