The Joy and Pain of the Holidays

Healthy habits to help you survive and thrive. COVID edition

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The holidays can be a time of great joy as well as great pain.  Although this is supposed to be a celebratory time, it comes with a great deal of baggage connected to our family history and early childhood experiences.  This year, with a global pandemic and warnings about group gatherings, the dynamics are amplified

Some of us are navigating brand new territory as we figure out how to stay safe while also get the connection we all need.  Everyone is in high stress, and this can impact our ability to communicate effectively around all the challenges we’re presented with. This holiday season is particularly painful, there’s no way around it.

One of the most powerful tools we can have this season is self-awareness. There’s no way to make the pain disappear, but when we can know how to work with our pain, our suffering will be reduced. And, it’s even possible we can tap into some joy. There are enough unavoidable challenges right now, adding our own unconscious stuff on top of it, only fans the flames of our sadness, grief, loneliness and fear.

During this online workshop, I’ll unpack some of the dynamics that tend to emerge during the holiday season and with pandemic fears. I’ll take you through a process to get more clarity on some of your personal and familial patterns that may be emerging and i’ll also share some tools to address these patterns so you can feel more grounded, and less overwhelmed at this time.

Some things we’ll cover:

  • Identifying your particular triggers and emotional imprinting around the holidays
  • Identifying how physical distancing and general anxiety around covid might be contributing to already existing tendencies
  • Transforming shame into compassion
  • Building healthy habits for nervous system regulation
  • Maintaining connection in the age of physical distancing 
  • Finding joy amidst the pain

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