Best Practices For Facilitating Virtual Healing Circles – Webinar

for anyone wanting to support their staff or community at this time

with guest facilitator Prof. Tessa Hicks Peterson, Ph.D


Prof. Tessa Hicks Peterson, PhD was a co-facilitator of this workshop. I’m so grateful that she brought her expertise as a community organizer and educator.

*This live webinar was recorded in both audio & video formats
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In these times of physical distancing many of us are needing human connection. Leaders of all kinds are reflecting on how to organize and gather the folks they work with or serve virtually.  Virtual circles of support are being created everywhere. It’s a beautiful testament to our desire to heal and connect and the necessity of centering healing at this time. We’ve received requests from people (teachers, non-profit directors & staff, managers, and essential workers) asking for support in creating healing spaces for their communities. This course is a response to that request.

During this workshop, we covered topics like:

  • Structure for healing circles- how many people, technology, format
  • Facilitation basics- best practices for effective facilitation
  • How to set a tone or theme for the group
  • Responsive facilitation- the importance of gauging what your community actually needs, not what you think they need
  • When a circle may not be appropriate for someone
  • How to deal with conflict
  • Ice-breakers and warm-ups for folks who aren’t comfortable sharing
  • How to handle trolls or harm that can happen on a call
  • Simple grounding and mindfulness techniques to support emotional regulation

If you have never had to hold a circle like this and you are finding yourself in a position where this is what your staff or community needs, this workshop is appropriate for you. For seasoned facilitators, this can be a chance to explore how to translate your work online.


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