Online Workshop: Trauma-Informed Parenting

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Trauma-Informed, Embodied Parenting & Caregiving

A support workshop for parents and caregivers navigating the complexities of raising kids in today’s world

Thursday October 27  &  Friday October 28*

11:00am-12:15pmPT / 2:00 – 3:15pmET daily
(2 sessions total of lecture + Q&A)

*live attendance is not required; both sessions will be recorded and given to everyone registered so that the material can be reviewed at any time;
there is no expiration date for accessing the recordings

Being a parent or caregiver has never been easy. With this generation of caregivers not only navigating the normal challenges of raising a human, it can often feel like we have even more obstacles than past generations: our kids are growing up with the collective trauma of the pandemic, during a reckoning around race and power that is messy and divisive, and with the internet which (more often than not) exacerbates anxiety, depression, disconnection, and dis-ease.

Parenting is messy.  There’s no way around it.  I often wonder how someone who is not a trauma expert is navigating it… I am, and I’m struggling!

This workshop is meant to offer parents and caregivers of children of any age a framework for engaging with your kids in an embodied, sensitive, and skillful way.

As a parent of a 12 and 14 year old, I am also on my own journey right now.  I offer this workshop as both an expert in trauma and embodied practices, as well as a parent learning how to apply those things to my parenting. I also bring an understanding of the different dynamics that impact families, from targeted communities to the different conversations we may be having with Black and brown, LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, or disabled kids. There is no one-size-fits-all way to parent. My hope is to create a space for everyone to explore their own parenting journey and where they can gain skill and insight.

Some concepts that we will discuss and explore together are:

  • Self-awareness is key – Most of the time when we are upset at our kids it has to do with our own fears and insecurities. Embodied parenting is about being connected to our own sensations, emotions, and impulses so we know what we are bringing to our interactions with our children and not letting our unconscious stuff cloud our perceptions and actions.

  • Developmental Psychology 101 – Understanding some foundational concepts around how our kids are developing can provide some context for their behavior. This can help us be more empathetic and less frustrated when they are exhibiting age-appropriate behavior that is challenging.

  • The importance of mirroring – Our kids need us to see them, not save them! We’ll learn simple, age-appropriate mirroring techniques that can help settle and build connection whether you’re dealing with an angry toddler or an indignant teen.

  • The power of discomfort – Kids need to be uncomfortable… it’s how they grow. Yet our impulse is to shield them from pain… of course it is! When we protect them too much or too little, they can’t thrive. Understanding what is traumatic and what is not can help guide our decisions.

  • Community – The model of the nuclear family is an extension of rugged individualism. We cannot parent without community to hold us. This looks different for everyone, and each of us can work towards building a web of support in our own way. For caregivers who have kids with mental health issues this includes having quality mental health care for the whole family, as well as community support.

  • Raising kids with justice in mind – Although conversations about equity are in the mainstream, unfortunately many folks do not yet have the skill to support those conversations effectively with young people. Social media can be very polarizing, and many schools are fostering cancel culture in an attempt to appear woke. As parents we can do our own work to support our kiddos to have a nuanced, compassionate understanding that centers everyone’s humanity.


$45 – Supporter | supports others + yourself
$40 – Sustainer | pays for you
$35 – Supported | discounted*

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