Trauma-Informed Education

Online Workshop: Trauma-Informed Education

Trauma-Informed Education

How To Support Resilience In Yourself and Your Students

– this workshop is geared for those working with all ages, kindergarten through college –

4 sessions; pre-recorded

Monday August 1 – Thursday August 4*
10:00-11:45amPT / 1:00 – 2:45pmET daily (4 sessions total)

+ optional small group coaching session on Friday August 5

*live attendance is not necessary or required in order to take this workshop;
each session will
be recorded and made available to everyone registered so that the material can be reviewed at any time;
there is no expiration date for accessing the recordings

Educators have had an unprecedented few years. From the rapid pivot to online school to the mental health crisis that so many students are going through, you’ve had to hold space for way more than you may have signed up for or have training in.  At the same time, you’ve had your own personal wellbeing, family, and life to attend to. It can feel impossible to do it all, and many educators are burnt out.

Our students cannot be well if we are not well. Teacher wellbeing has to be centered if you are going to support your students to learn and thrive. This workshop is designed to support educators and school staff to better understand how stress and trauma may be impacting them and their students (and their students’ parents).  You’ll also learn strategies to address all that may be coming at you so that you can support the resilience of yourself and the school community.

This 4-session course offers a foundation in trauma-informed, resilience-focused classroom management while centering teacher wellbeing. Whether you’re a classroom teacher, administrator, school counselor, or teaching aide, these tools can be a lifeline in this time of unpredictability and intensity. Even as the external world may seem like it’s going back to “normal,” the impact of the past few years is being felt by everyone.


> SESSION 1: Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care: Foundational Concepts and The Science of Resilience

  • The impact of stress and trauma on the mind, body, and spirit
  • Resilience: what it is and what it isn’t
  • Embodied practices for nervous system regulation

> SESSION 2: Self-Care, Sustainability, and Building a Culture of Wellbeing

  • What is meaningful and realistic self-care?
  • Identify barriers to self-care and community-care
  • Commit to practices that allow you to be well in this work
  • Organizational sustainability and responsibility

> SESSION 3: Resilience-Focused Practices for Classrooms & Schools

  • Self-regulation vs. co-regulation
  • Learn and practice specific techniques for trauma-informed/resilience-focused classroom management and learning
  • How to build resilience as a school community 

> SESSION 4: Trauma-Informed Communication: Boundaries, Compassion, and Mirroring

  • Learn about the connection between self-regulation and effective communication
  • The role of power in communication
  • Practice mirroring and active listening
  • Tools for supporting struggling students and parents


  • This will be a space to discuss specific issues or questions related to your work or the content of the workshop. These groups are specifically for people working in schools as teachers, administrators, counselors, or aides (any school staff).
    • Friday August 5th: 11:00am-12:15pmPT / 2:00-3:15pmET


$155 – Supporter | supports others + yourself
$125 – Sustainer | pays for you
$95 – Supported | discounted*

*if the Supported rate is not affordable for you at this time,
contact to inquire about scholarships and lower payments

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