Radiant Pregnancy – 3rd Trimester

Join Hala as she goes through her second pregnancy with you in this comprehensive yoga program. Hala artfully blends her expertise in yoga and mind-body psychology to create a practice that will nourish your body and all the changes it is undergoing, your mind with the ups-and-downs it is going through, and your spirit as you enter into one of the most profound life experiences possible. 
There are specific practices for each trimester; each section includes a gentle warm up, more challenging poses to strengthen and support your changing body, restoratives to allow for deep rest and relaxation, and a meditation specific to what might be occurring at each stage of pregnancy
  • In the third trimester, we focus on birth preparation as well as continuing to support your body to be strong and stable.
  • You can pick & choose which segments to do within each trimester practice depending on your energy level. Some days you may do a full hour and others you may do only Restoratives.

Disclaimer: When I made this video over a decade ago, I did not know about the importance of using inclusive language around pregnancy to acknowledge that non-binary and transgender men can have babies. I have edited out as many instances of using ‘women’ to refer to people who give birth, but there are a few instances that I was unable to remove. I still want to offer this resource to pregnant people as I think it is a valuable one. I apologize in advance for when my language may not include everyone.

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