How To Teach Yoga & Other Things During A Global Pandemic – Webinar

for Yoga and Meditation Teachers or Anyone Having to Hold Space for Others


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What is the role of teacher during times like this? Are you not sure how to hold space for your students right now? How do you balance your own self-care with caring for others? How does our work translate online?

Please join me for an informative workshop where I will review the best practices for creating a safe space for our students during these days when the global coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone.  Not only are so many teachers having to move their work online, it’s also a time when many of our students are very anxious and overwhelmed. We may also be anxious and overwhelmed!

We have an amazing opportunity to provide our students with tools to cope right now. Yoga and meditation are the perfect practices that can support self-regulation and emotional support. If you haven’t been trained to teach specifically to address the physiological and emotional needs of your students, this workshop can give you some tangible tools and techniques to help you support your students and yourself.

Topics covered include:

  • What our students actually need from us at this time
  • Understanding the basics of how stress impacts us and how that shows up in yoga spaces
  • The three main resources we can teach our students so they can regulate themselves
  • Two things that we must never say or do because they can cause harm at this time
  • How to create a safe space online
  • Self-care for teachers
  • Some of the most powerful phrases that can make all the difference for your students
  • Whether to even mention coronavirus in our classes

I hope that you’ll walk away from this webinar feeling more equipped to hold space for your students as well as having some clear ways to be more sustainable yourself.


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