Yoga For Trauma

The ARRIVE program grew out of Hala’s graduate thesis at Pacifica Graduate Institute. It is a movement and yoga based program, which has been taught at Central Juvenile Hall and a continuation school in East L.A.,  integrates the tools of Somatic Experiencing in order to address issues and symptoms of trauma often present in incarcerated and marginalized youth. All together, these tools help participants remain calm and centered through even the most upsetting situations, making them less likely to re-offend, act out and get into trouble and helping them become peaceful and empowered members of their community.

This program has been documented into a training manual for Yoga Ed.  Hala leads trainings around the country and the e-manual is also available for purchase for $20 by emailing

We completed a 9 week pilot in program in 2007 that was a huge success! The girls reported having an easier time dealing with anger and depression as well as having tools to deal with their court cases. The officers report less acting out and calmer behavior on the days when we have yoga class. We plan to do more in depth assessment and we have developed a teacher training for yoga teachers interested in working with these youth (see workshop schedule).

SCHEDULE of 3 day workshops


A world where our youth are able to heal their wounds and be released from the grip of their traumas in order to stop the cycle of violence in our families, community and planet.


Our mission is to train yoga teachers working with the at risk community in understanding the dynamics of trauma so as to be more effective in using yoga therapeutically.  We want to support teachers to  help facilitate the release of traumatic patterns of behavior (violence, crime, acting out, addiction) and affect (anger, depression, anxiety) so that their students can be Embodied, Empowered, Connected, Transformed and Integrated. As a result they will be able to self-regulate and thus are less likely to perpetuate the cycle of trauma and suffering and more likely to be peaceful and empowered creators of their life and members of their community.


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