Yoga for Anxiety

an online workshop & webinar

Anxiety can be debilitating.  It can also be something we’re so used to having that we are just resolved to endure it.  This doesn’t have to be the case.

In this online workshop, Hala Khouri (a yoga teacher and somatic counselor specializing in trauma) will talk about the physiology of anxiety and offer some somatic (body-based) tools for managing and even releasing anxiety.

When our body gets overloaded with stress or unresolved trauma, it can get stuck on “ON”.  In this state, we can feel hypervigilant, scared for no reason, jumpy, or constantly worried. Physically we can feel like our chest is tight, our heart is racing, and it’s hard to breath.  Life can feel really loud, fast, or unpredictable.  Sometimes we just shut down and can’t feel anything.  In this course, Hala will offer a physiological framework for working with anxiety in your body. Some simple tools like grounding, orienting in present time, breath, and simply learning how to tolerate uncomfortable sensations can help us regulate ourselves and experience some relief.

This course includes a short lecture about the physiology of stress and how it gets stuck in the body as well as a simple yoga practice that you can do from the comfort of your own home.  The practice is appropriate for all levels and will consist of poses done in a chair or on your back. Hala weaves in stories from her life that bring the information to life.  She is known for her compassionate and honest approach.

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