Parenting Telecourse

The Process of Being a Good Parent: an online course for people wanting to parent with more awareness and skill

Cost: $75 (sliding scale available – please email if you need to pay a different amount)

This is not a course on a particular parenting technique.  Techniques don’t work if they are not coming from an authentic and grounded place.  This is a course about who you are BEING as a parent.  If you are parenting from your head (i.e. doing a technique you read about in a book) or if you are parenting impulsively, you will find yourself frustrated and confused.  Being a parent can be difficult and messy.  The first step towards conscious parenting is surrendering to the messiness of it.  You will never be the perfect parent, and if you’re OK with that, your kids will be, too.  If you’re riddled with guilt and perfectionism, that actually creates an atmosphere of unease.

Our goal as parents is to foster resilience in our kids.  Resilience is the ability to thrive even when conditions aren’t perfect.  Resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficult experiences.  The focus of this course is on self-regulation- not just for your kids but for you.  If you are not able to embody that which you wish to teach your children, you will be fighting an uphill battle.  This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect- but it does require you to be AWARE.

It’s never too late to engage in this process. Whether you are a new parent, or a parent of a teen, this course can help you uncover some of the root causes of areas of discord and strife in your relationships with your children.

Session 1: Children Are Animals: Emotions, Impulses and the Brain
Kid’s have big feelings and impulses that they have a hard time controlling.  Our job is to understand why and give them the tools to deal with them.

Session 2: What Are We Teaching Our Kids About Their Dark Side?
Shame is the barrier to true self-regulation.  During this session, we will explore specific techniques to transform shame into empowerment and healing.

Session 3: Put the Oxygen Mask On Yourself First
This session is about unpacking some of your family of origin stuff and beginning to distinguish what you’re bringing into your parenting dynamic that stems from your own childhood.

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