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Gaia TV (formerly Gaiam TV) offers both 30min practices plus some of Hala’s longer classes from Hanuman Festival.
Yoga for Anxiety
Yoga for Back Pain
Quick Yoga Energizer
Finding Your Center Amidst Chaos

The below two classes are only available on Gaia’s add-on channel via Amazon Prime
(note: Amazon Prime is a separate subscription from Gaia membership)
Vinyasa for Inspired Awakening
Yoga for Authentic Heart Opening


FMTV logo-Stream Hala’s Stress Reduction DVD on FMTV

-Stream Hala’s entire Radiant Pregnancy DVD set on FMTV, or stream one video at a time:
First Trimester
Second Trimester
Third Trimester



Be a part of Hala’s classes in LA!
Click here for an experience of Hala’s group
classes, each with a different theme.

Fluid Heart Opening Flow (Preview)

Flow to Handstand (Preview)

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