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Yoga, Justice and the Shadow (2 sessions)
with Seane Corn

Yoga for Self-Regulation and Trauma (6 sessions)
for yoga teachers, clinicians, and anyone working with trauma

The Trauma of Injustice (2 sessions)
with Tessa Hicks Peterson

Yoga For Justice: Skill Building and Creating Space (6 sessions)
with Jacoby Ballard

Yoga, Purpose, & Action (5 sessions)
with Hala Khouri, Seane Corn, and Suzanne Sterling

Introduction to Social Justice Concepts (9 sessions)
via Off the Mat Into the World / with various speakers

The Joy and Pain of the Holidays: healthy habits to help you survive and thrive (1 session)

Managing Stress and Healing Trauma (3 sessions)
for anyone interested in healing personal trauma and managing stress

The Process of Being a Good Parent: a course for people wanting to parent with more awareness and skill (3 sessions)


Testimonials on Hala’s courses:

Hala is an amazing teacher who has incredible insight, is completely open, honest and real. Hala shares in such a way that makes us all feel ok with how we really are. She teaches and encourages us to accept ourselves, to learn from our challenges and see them as gifts.


Hala’s tele-course has been wonderful. Being able to listen in and receive her wisdom and insights has proven useful in my own life and teaching. It is surprisingly convenient to listen to the recordings at home when I have a moment to focus in on the work. She brings clarity to the process through her articulate languishing and wealth of experience that she seamlessly weaves together in the course.

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