Healing Trauma and Managing Stress with Yoga and Other Body-Based Techniques

an online course

3 (three) 90min sessions

Understanding the physiology of how trauma (or any unresolved stressful event) is stored in the body can be a significant part of healing our past wounds and cultivating resilience (the ability to overcome obstacles).  In this teleconference series, Hala Khouri, M.A., a somatic counselor and yoga teacher with over two decades of experience, will talk about what the mind/body connection is on a practical, physiological level.  This series is for anyone wanting tools for stress management or addressing trauma in themselves or those they work with. Hala will talk  for about an hour and then take questions from the audience.


SESSION 2: STRESS MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATION: using your tools to enhance your relationships and optimize communication

SESSION 3: Somatic Tools for Self Care in the helping professions

Price: $60*
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*Sliding scale available; no one will be turned away due to funds



Hala’s telecourse on “Healing Trauma and Managing Stress” offers a valuable resource to yoga teachers, therapists, and others in the helping professions. The conference call format is extremely convenient and affordable. Under Hala’s warm and skillful leadership, our three calls maintained a strong sense of group connection and individualized attention, despite the fact that participants are scattered across the globe. The course provided an excellent mixture of theory and practice, combining scientifically-grounded explanations of how trauma and stress affect the body/mind with opportunities for guided meditation, role playing, and personal reflection and sharing. I’m thrilled that such excellent teaching on this critically important topic is now so widely accessible!   -Carol Horton, Author of Yoga PhD

In this course, Hala is extremely knowledgeable and forthright of trauma, experiences and how to work and live in this world.  This course offers tools and resources so we can do this work and remain as healthy as possible.  Hala empowers everyone to be who they are and how to be the best person they can be.  I recommend it for everyone who wants to cope effectively while creating their best life possible.  -Candace McKim

Hala’s “Overcoming Trauma and Managing Stress” telecourse was very eye opening and heart opening. Having tools and resources, ie our breath and body, is a beautiful reminder that we are in control of our life.  Hala’s honesty, openness and vulnerability is a reminder that we are not alone. Love her dearly!  –Ela Wojtowicz

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