The Joy & Pain of the Holidays: Healthy Habits to Help You Survive and Thrive – audio recording

an online webinar*

Dec 2018 (60min)
*note: this is not a video recording; it is an audio recording only

The holidays can be a time of great joy as well as great pain. Although it is supposed to be a celebratory time, it also comes with a great deal of baggage connected to our family history and early childhood experiences.  That’s why seeing (or not seeing) family brings with it situations that can trigger old behaviors and feelings that you don’t have to confront directly at other times of the year.  Many of us find ourselves balancing the Pandora’s box of emotions that comes during this time of year with the pressure to be festive and happy. We tend to forget our good habits and fall into indulgent patterns that ultimately make us feel worse.

During this online webinar, Hala unpacks some of the dynamics that often emerge during the holidays and will take you through a process to get more clarity on some of your own personal patterns. She’ll also share some tools to address those patterns so you can set yourself up for the best season possible.  The holidays can be an opportunity for exponential growth!

At the end, participants were given the chance to ask Hala questions and hear her perspective on specific issues that had been grappling with.

Topics covered include:

*Removing the shame around our experience as the first step towards breaking painful patterns

*Identifying your particular triggers so you can shift them so that they have less power over you

* The importance of maintaining a baseline of healthy habits and how to do that.

*Simple practices to stay grounded and transform negative patterns so you can truly heal and feel empowered

* Experiencing authentic celebration and joy!

Investment cost: $20*
(*no one will be turned away due to funds; if this amount is not affordable, please email

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