Hello! Thank you for visiting my website. I’m passionate about sharing what I know about yoga, somatic psychology, social justice, activism, and parenting. I’ve dedicated my life to learning about the deep connections between mind and body, as well as the link between personal, interpersonal, and systemic trauma.

My academic studies, clinical training, trauma studies, yoga practice, travels, and motherhood have shaped my work.  I do lots of different things: teach yoga, train yoga teachers and direct service providers, teach workshops for the general public, run a private somatic therapy practice, and write.  My goal is to offer what I know in an accessible way. I love to teach and I love to learn. I’ve had the privilege to hear the personal stories of hundreds of people over the years, and I’ve witnessed many of them heal and grow in amazing ways.

I am optimistic about the future, and I truly believe in our innate capacity to heal and build a loving community. It is our nature!  As we move through our past traumas, trials, and tribulations, we free ourselves up to be truly present rather than unconsciously repeating our past. The more resilient we get, the more creative we can be and the more joyful and meaningful our life becomes. I think this work needs to be done on a personal level as well as a collective one. Our liberation is bound; acknowledging our shared humanity and working towards caring for each other is the most important work we can do! I look forward to sharing with you and learning from you as well.

With Love,

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